6-Week Challenge

I am glad that you are interested in the 6 Weeks Challenge. You are probably wondering what kind of program it is and I would like to explain what to expect. The Challenge is not a diet or fitness program! At this point I would like to make it very clear that a long-term dietary change is not a typical diet and losing weight is not a priority, but even many of these programs work with banning foods or focus on certain foods and I still think this is a difficult approach.

The challenge is rather a concept through which you will learn to continuously integrate new, healthy habits into your everyday life. I want to show you how this works best so that you not only succeed but also have fun doing it. If you can manage the challenge you are on the right way to become an intuitive eater.

I will introduce you to habits that you will integrate into your life week by week and step by step. These habits are part of my life and I have found that they have helped me a lot on my way to health and wellbeing. You decide for yourself, which habits you want to adopt. You have the choice. There is a good selection and later you can choose others and implement them step by step. Only the first habit I ask you to implement from the beginning. It is a great help to reflect on your previous eating habits.

It is important to me that you understand that the path to long-term health and well-being is not a fast track. Changing our habits takes time. Unfortunately! We often tend to set ourselves hard to reach goals and give up disappointed if we don’t achieve them in a short period of time.

10 kilos in 6 weeks just sounds too great, doesn’t it?

However, if we are honest with ourselves and admit that we have not gained 10 kilos overnight or become a smoker because of one cigarette, then it will also be easier to understand why the kilos will not disappear within a few weeks and why we cannot quit smoking tomorrow.

I myself have repeatedly succumbed to the promises of the weight loss industry. It took me more than 20 years to realize that these are indeed primarily promises. If the goal of this industry was to keep us all lean and healthy long-term without spending a lot of money over and over again, then there would be no diet industry anymore. In fact, the diet industry generates over $170 billion in annual revenue worldwide.
If you add the products of the pharmaceutical, fitness and food industry, which are related to losing weight, this number will increase significantly.

Of course, the internet is full of success stories. Before and after pictures show many people, who have managed to lose weight in a short period of time with one or another diet. Many diet books are at the top of the bestseller lists. What we often overlook: The count of these success stories is outnumbered by far more stories of failure. How many of your friends have tried one or more diets? Were all of them succeed with it and did they last? I suspect rather not. How many stars do you know who have successfully lost weight with the XYZ diet and were celebrated for it, only to be photographed by paparazzi a few months later with significantly more weight. The term yo-yo dieting is well known for a reason. Why do you think are the stories of failure not being published?
They simply won’t sell! I could fill a whole book with such stories from my very own “diet career”. Well, who would want to read it?

Those who fail a diet may also be told again and again that they do not possess willpower. Willpower in the context of eating is a myth. There would not be a single successful overweight person in this world if willpower was all it takes to be lean and healthy. And there are many. Success has far more to do with the systems we use to take our actions into positive directions and not willpower. You can have all the willpower in the world but if you are not using the right system, it will not get you anywhere close to your goals.

Most diets are systems that are simply not designed to change your behavior in the long run. Otherwise, they wouldn’t advertise that you only have to stick with them for x weeks and then you will be healthy and slim forever. They would need to be set out as long-term programs but wait a minute, then they are no longer diets. They are rather a nutrition change program. The designers would probably also need to tell you, that how long it will take every participant to achieve their goals can vary a lot. And it does. A program that is designed to implement long-term behavioral changes is not a typical diet based on calorie restriction and banning certain foods.

I want to help you understand why continuous behavioral changes, are the starting point for a healthy, active, and fulfilled life. Let me show you, why it is important to break away from old beliefs and ideals and to see your body as your friend and not an enemy. In this respect, consider my challenge to be a learning program. Look for friends who are willing to take part in this challenge. Together it is not only more fun, but also motivating. The nice thing about the approach is:

You’re not going on a diet

You do not count calories

You do not ban any food

In addition, you will be able to celebrate small successes all the time and realize why it is so important to proceed step by step. The Challenge leads you on the right way, but you have to walk it alone. Still, I promise you a lot of support through further articles, recipes, and tips along the way. No one will do it for you, but you can always find a lot of support.

Start with the Challenge today and kick-start your very own way to a healthy and happy life!