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I would like to take you on a journey to your inner self and towards a new awareness for your body and life.

„Eat Only When Hungry“ stands for a lifestyle that supports you in developing natural and intuitive eating habits. It is also a lifestyle that questions today’s consumer behavior and encourages more reflection and mindfulness. Accordingly, you will find articles on many topics which I consider to be valuable. I will share my personal stories, experiences, and learnings. Maybe you have fallen victim to nutrition advice and diets just like me and you want to step out of this vicious cycle now. You will learn how I managed this and also understand why I will never again in my life return to dieting. To me, intuitive eating is the best way to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and this does not necessarily mean that you have to be skinny like a model. If this is your ideal, you may want to follow other people and not me. Diversity respects individuality. A healthy, positive person at peace with themselves is way more attractive than photoshopped celebrities. Learn how I cured my thyroid dysfunction and why this helped me in becoming an intuitive eater who discovered the treasure of a healthy body and a better life awareness.

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Are you hungry?

Heavenly Raspberry & Blueberry Tart

This Sunday Delight is a real berry dream. Deliciously fresh raspberries and blueberries on creamy vanilla pudding.

Falafel with Quinoa Tabouleh

Tabouleh and Falafel taste like summer to me. I often change the seasoning to spice things up and to enjoy different styles of one of my favorites.

Black Bean Pasta with Basil-Mint Pesto

For me pesto is one of the fastest and tastiest pasta sauces and in this case I made it a bit fresher with basil and mint.