I love to cook, but not so much for myself. For me, the joy of cooking is closely connected to spending time with friends and family. Perhaps my love for Italy and the way people cook and eat there has been one of the biggest influences. Also, the French cuisine with its finesse or the Oriental, Indian and Thai cuisine with intense spicy notes are much closer to my heart than the classic German cuisine.

Cooking together, enjoying food together, or preparing something special for somebody else means pleasure for me. Intuitive eating and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary. When we eat consciously, we also perceive the preparation of food differently, as well as shared pleasure. We show more appreciation for the time spent together, independent of food. We become more mindful in dealing with food. Conscious enjoyment instead of fast food and mindless eating. Of course, you don’t have time for cooking together and elaborate recipes every day but that’s what makes it special and we should enjoy this time even more. Due to my work as a consultant, I am on the road a lot and often depend on the food that is available locally. For most people, it is no different when they are at work. Eating out every day costs a lot of money and not everyone can or wants to afford it. I have gotten into the habit of having fruit, veggie sticks, nuts, and other “To Go” dishes with me so that I can easily satisfy my hunger during the day and then choose a meal at a restaurant or prepare something at home in the evening. As I do not stick to classic meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I have divided the categories for my recipes as follows:

  • Hearty – tasty recipes with lots of veggies
  • Sweet – delicious recipes with fruits
  • To-Go – simple recipes to take with you
  • Healthy Alternatives – classic fast food in a healthier form
  • Sunday Delight – pleasure recipes for special days

For me, a pleasant atmosphere and nice presentation of the food bring enjoyment with all senses. This includes beautiful tableware, the right mood, and above all attention to the moment. Enjoy the recipes!